Welcome world!

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog post. This is all very new for me, however I’m sure my love of writing and years of rambling in my diary will ensure I am well suited to the world of blogging- so here goes!

My name’s Lili, spelt weirdly I know- I think my mum wanted me to stand out. I’m an 18-year-old, first year student, currently studying Public Relations at Bournemouth University. Originally, I’m from a small town in Bedfordshire, just North of London. I love to chat and by the time I’ve finished I will probably be talking about something completely off topic so sorry if my posts tend to divert slightly! Other things I love in life are my family, travelling, food and very importantly dogs. Although I’ve never actually owned a dog I do have a bad habit of claiming other people’s dogs as my own. I also can’t help myself from tagging my parents in daily Facebook posts of cute puppies- hoping that one day they’ll give in and buy me one!

Annoying puppy posts aside, it’s key to mention that my parents are very important people in my life. My mum is definitely my best friend and always will be. I’ve grown up with her working from home, so we’ve always been super close. My dad is great too. He’s always there to make me cry with laughter at his bizarre sense of humour, but also give me some tough love when I’m living in a dream world. As well as my younger brother, we have a big family- grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles- all very special people in my life. I am certainly a lover of family time. 

As I said, travelling and food are two big things, which I love in life. From a young age I’ve always been fearless and keen to explore. Being independent has driven me to travel and visit some amazing cities in the last few years. These include: Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Krakow and Reykjavik. These city breaks have given me a taste of different European cultures, as well as a taste of lots of delicious European food! I’ve definitely discovered that I love visiting European cities and inter-railing is top of my list of things to do next summer.

Food isn’t just a love of my life abroad, but could be said to consume my life here too! If I’m totally honest the thought of what I’m having for dinner excites me most days. After 18 years, my friends and family still laugh at me, as they cannot understand how such a small girl has such a big appetite! But I think being a foodie is great. I love to cook. Anything which is spicy or slightly weird tasting- I’m guaranteed to love. I also love going out for food and am definitely guilty of eating out too much- something I am struggling to adjust to on a student budget. In fact, last week I spent 80% of my weekly budget on eating out. Oops…

Finally, throughout this four-year, whirlwind experience I aim to write honest and authentic blog posts on all the ups and downs of university life. This was a very big change for me, as I’m sure my friends and family would tell you- I’m a proper home bird! That being said, Bournemouth is an amazing place where I have met the most wonderful people and have got stuck into a course which I absolutely love! Overall I would say these first five weeks at University have been a challenging but highly enjoyable new adventure. I’m certainly excited for what the future holds.

Enjoy reading! I look forward to my next post.

Lili x

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