A quick break to Valencia

After just getting back from a few days in the Spanish sunshine, I feel positive about the future. While this was just a quick trip away with my family, it opened my eyes to cultural variation and potential opportunities in cities across Europe. Even the smallest things, from the times Spanish people eat their meals to the food markets, where every Valencian citizen seemed to do their weekly shop; really did highlight to me how different the culture is to London. Below I will list 3 pieces of advice for anyone visiting Valencia.

  • Immerse yourself in the art and culture of the city

While my family are not hugely interested by culture, throughout this trip we made a conscious effort to explore the history of the city. This included visiting cathedrals, art galleries and museums. I have to say, I found everywhere we visited very impressive; the buildings were stunning and filled with such interesting exhibits. Also, scattered around these monuments are various Spanish squares, so after a day of experiencing the city’s culture, there’s always an opportunity to sit in the sunshine, enjoying some tapas and a large glass of sangria! 🙂

  • Walk everywhere

Valencia is such a small city so there really is no need to get trams or taxis anywhere. Using google maps to walk to your destination is the perfect way to experience everything the city has to offer, from beautiful parks, such as Turia Gardens, to day festivals, full of lively Spanish residents drinking wine, to the pretty, Spanish backstreets – offering great photo opportunities. By walking to our destination, we also found amazing restaurants to grab some brunch or tapas! I realised often the best places to eat are tucked away in the tiny backstreets.

  • Try the Valencian paella

Anyone who’s visited Valencia will agree with me when I say that paella is everywhere. This can be quite overwhelming when searching for the famous ‘best paella in the world’. The best advice I can give, is to go off recommendation from the locals. For us, we chatted to the owner of our apartment, who listed several of the best paella restaurants; located in the old town. Her top recommendation was down a cobbled back street and I can honestly say it was the best seafood paella I’ve ever tasted. So fresh and full of flavour!

While a few days in the sun lifts anyone’s spirits, I really did fall in love with Valencia. Experiencing a different, European culture made me reflect on my opportunities as a PR student, to study or work abroad. It’s safe to say I’m excited about the future!

Thanks for reading,

Lil x

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