Brands use the birth of royal baby number three to boost their communications

After reading PR Week’s latest article, it brought to light how jumping on the royal baby bandwagon is a clever communications initiative to gain positive PR for your brand. A celebration of a newborn encourages relationships to flourish in everyday situations, however brands who market their products with added feelings of patriotism, increase their chances of forming passionate relationships between them and their relevant stakeholders. This I believe, is because our nation is filled with feelings of pride and joy, whenever there is an announcement of new life within the royal family.

Brands, such as Lidl and John Lewis have used the birth of the recent royal baby to drive their communications programmes. Lidl promote their 89p wipes with the slogan ‘the royal treatment, for your little one.’ This generates a sense of patriotism, as well as inviting you to form a relationship with the company; based on royal treatment for your baby. Great PR tactics I think, which portray Lidl as supporting the royal baby trend, aimed at their desired public whom they hope will continue to purchase their products-based on the ‘royal connection’.


John Lewis, similarly, have launched a communications programme which praises the birth of the third, royal baby. They use the slogan ‘Your carriage awaits,’ and then below invite customers to book an appointment to purchase their own, royal pram. I love the PR incentive behind this, as it acts to form a relationship between John Lewis and its customers, implying the message that every baby is royal to them.

john lewis

While these brands have used the birth of the third royal baby as their incentive for creative communications, it sprung to mind that these ideas weren’t so original. Back in 2015, after the birth of Princess Charlotte, Pizza Hut used similar communications tactics by famously offering anyone with the name Charlotte a free meal for the day. Whilst Lidl and John Lewis seem to be mimicking the successful communications of other brands, I believe they are being clever, by using a celebration of new life to enhance relationships and good reputation between them and their consumers.

While personally, I’m not the biggest royalist, from a communications perspective I can largely appreciate how as a large organisation, jumping on the royal baby train is a great way to PR your brand and reach out to customers.

For anyone reading who has any thoughts on what I’ve discussed, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me through my blog!

Speak soon,

Lil x

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