Three things I didn’t expect from my first year of Uni

First of all, sorry for a lack of posts during May and June, life has been pretty crazy what with final assignments, exams and moving out of Uni halls. However, now I have three months of Summer ahead of me so can ensure I’ll be regularly posting.

I really wanted to write a blog post about how totally amazing first year of Uni has been (I know slightly gushy, but true!), however to make the post slightly less generic I thought I’d focus on the three things I didn’t expect to discover in year one of my University studies. Hopefully this might give those embarking on their Uni adventure in September a slightly different outlook into those unexpected twists and turns that Uni can throw at you – so here goes!

  • I met my absolute best friends in first year

I’ve touched on this in one of my previous posts, but I was genuinely convinced that I would make no friends at Uni. Why I convinced myself of this I don’t honestly know, as I’ve always had loads of friends at home and am not the type to shy away from socialising. Luckily, even after my first week of Uni this fear was proven completely unfounded, as I was introduced into so many sociable environments where I just naturally made friends really quickly. I would say that the first term is definitely about finding your feet and establishing what you like and what you don’t. It’s from your second term onwards that true friendships begin to flourish and you realise who your genuine friends are. I can honestly say I’ve finished first year with the best group of friends; those in a wider circle who we go out and socialise with, and then four amazing girl friends who I could talk to about anything and make me laugh until I cry. These people really have made my first year so great.

  • Living independently is easier than you think

Before leaving home I definitely had my Mum and Dad in my ear about how much they both do for me. Which is true, because I couldn’t even use a washing machine before I left for Uni. However, I wasn’t aware of how quickly you pick things up and get yourself into a routine of things like cooking, cleaning and doing your washing. In my opinion, it really isn’t bad at all and whilst coming back home with bags of washing and to the luxury of your Mum’s dinners is definitely to be appreciated, you find that you are more than capable of doing it by yourself. After all, the perks of living independently with all your best friends definitely outweighs the need to do those chores which may seem slightly tedious after a long day.

  • Being on a budget doesn’t restrict you from enjoying yourself

Everyone paints this picture of the typical student as living on tins of beans and pot noodles as they can barely afford life. I found this quite daunting before I started last September, as during sixth form I had a well-paid job at Centre Parcs and got into a routine of going to nice restaurants and buying lots of nice clothes. I thought this was something I’d have to completely sacrifice at Uni, however this is far from the case; I still go out for nice dinners, buy nice clothes and go on nights out, it’s just on a more realistic scale. Whereas before I was quite care-free with money, now I just have to plan for the things I want to do and make sure they stay within my budget. My top tip would be to try and work over Summer and take savings to Uni, as this has allowed me to do so many fun things as I had spare money to dip in and out of. But in summary, as long as you set yourself a realistic budget you really don’t have to live a restricted life while at University.

Thanks for reading, I will be posting again very soon about my first work experience placement of the Summer. Until then, enjoy the lovely weather and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this post.


Lil x

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