Summer of travels

With second year of Uni about to commence I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on what a great summer I’ve had. As well as gaining work experience, catching up with old friends and returning to my part-time job I’ve also been lucky to travel to some amazing places.

My first trip of the summer was to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. This was a family holiday and we stayed in a little village just outside of Sorrento. This was a great location as we were able to get the train to key locations like Pompei and Naples (both of which we visited) as well as using the bus and boat routes in Sorrento to explore the coast.

Over the eight days we were in Italy we managed to visit Amalfi, Positano and Capri- all of which are as picturesque as you’d image. My personal favourite was Capri as we took a boat over to the island, where we were given the opportunity to swim through caves and lagoons. The island itself was so impressive too, with the chance to explore various pretty backstreets and capture amazing views.

I would definitely recommend visiting the Amalfi Coast if you enjoy the idea of exploring places which are full of character and stunning views.

My second trip of the summer was to Benalmedena in Spain. This was a totally different vibe to my trip to Italy as it was more cheap and cheerful, rather than picturesque. However, this trip was booked to have girls time with my Nanny and Aunty before I headed back to Uni and I really did spend the whole time in fits of laughter. For me family time is super important and Spain was the perfect setting for this.

I’ve just got back from my last trip of the summer with my girl group from Uni. With only a day to wash, dry and repack after getting back from Spain, I started the trip slightly stressed! However, as soon as I was on the plane to Budapest I knew I was in for an amazing six days away with my best friends.

We spent three days in Budapest and three days in Vienna. Budapest was really reasonably priced, with food, drinks and tourist attractions all really affordable. We also managed to get ourselves the coolest Airbnb, with three huge double bedrooms to snuggle up and watch Netflix and a big kitchen/living space to all get ready to go out together. We definitely managed to see the city in three days, particularly from our favourite rooftop bar, LEO. We visited here for food and drinks, during day and night time and it really did give the most stunning view of the city.

Our next stop was Vienna- which ranks as one of my favourite places I’ve visited. It’s hard to believe this is actually a city, as it’s so peaceful and smooth running – even on weekends there seems to be no chaos! Vienna is full of beautiful buildings, monuments and outdoor spaces and I was determined to walk everywhere to see as much of the city as I could. I would definitely recommend it for a relaxed weekend – full of shopping, visiting tourist attractions and drinking nice wine.

I really have had the best summer, fuelled by visiting some amazing places. While the majority of my time will now be spent in Bournemouth, as I embark on my second year of University studies, if anyone has any recommendations of holiday destinations they think I’d enjoy – please do share. 😊

Speak soon,

Lil x

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