Why I love podcasts

This is a conversation I had with my Granny recently, who was oblivious to what a podcast even is. For me podcasts are insightful, engaging and allow me to unwind whilst also learning valuable lessons. There’s also something about a podcast which feels more intimate than watching a YouTube video for instance. I find myself totally engrossed, that by the end I could be sat in the room where the conversation is taking place. For those reading who are unsure about the world of ‘podcasting’, I will discuss three important things I get out of a good podcast as we progress through this blog post.

Feel Inspired

This is big one for me, as a second-year student starting out in my career. There’s so much advice out there for students who are looking to get onto the career ladder, whether this is blogs, tweets, articles or videos. However, for me, podcasts are a great way to digest this information as listening to an inspiring voice leaves less room for procrastination than reading an article. Podcasts are also great to fit into a busy routine, unlike watching videos and reading text, which requires full concentration. I often listen to a podcast whilst walking to uni or the gym. If you’re looking for a podcast to feel inspired, I can recommend ‘How I built this’ – which interviews an impressive range of entrepreneurs who have built multi-billion-pound companies from scratch. These podcasts are so inspiring and eye-opening, as most of the founders have come from such humble backgrounds. You really do end the podcast with a sense that anything is possible.

Feel Reassured

While I love inspiring/career driven podcasts, I also engage a lot with podcasts which discuss mental health. In the last few years particularly, I feel there is a real onus on organisations and celebrities to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy body/mind. With this being a popular trend, a lot of really interesting people have started to discuss the importance of self-love and self-growth. Two podcasts I’m particularly engaged with which discuss these topics are: ‘Under The Skin’ hosted by Russell Brand and ‘Happy Place’ hosted by Fearne Cotton. I already admired these celebrities before engaging with their podcasts, however my love for them has grown as I’ve become an active listener. What I admire, is their ability to create an open and honest conversation, while reassuring listeners that everyone struggles with internal issues regardless of how confident and composed they may seem on the inside. This is a reassuring message, especially as a young girl looking to prove themselves in a increasingly competitive world. The podcasts also feature some pretty cool individuals such as Jay Shetty, Zoe Sugg and Davina McCall, who use their experiences to inspire and reassure listeners.

Unwind from your screen

My final reason for loving podcasts is they provide me with a real sense of catharsis. As a second-year student I spend a lot of time in front of my screen. From the minute I wake up I’m checking emails, job alerts and, of course, scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. The majority of my days are spent either in lectures, making notes on my laptop, or in the library, completing assignments on my laptop. Before discovering podcasts, my go to, relaxation routine would be to binge watching Netflix or YouTube videos of an evening. When I sit back and reflect upon this, I spent an awful lot of time staring at a screen and for someone with bad vision this is not ideal. I’ve found recently that switching up watching Netflix/YouTube with listening to podcasts really helps me unwind and gives my eyes a break from the screen. I also tend to sleep better when I unwind to a podcast opposed to a TV episode. So, if like me, you spend your life in front of a screen, I would really recommend spending your down time listening to podcasts as I’ve seen some real benefits.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post has been interesting / allowed you to recognise how great podcasts are! If anyone has any recommendations of a podcast they love, please let me know as I’m always looking to learn more!

Lili x

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